Saturday, February 4, 2023

Bread is the staff of life


A local resident of the village of Uch – Korgon village Kadamjay district Mahamadali Abuvahidov bakes bread already for 15-20 years, He says that from an early age engaged in this business and that he really likes it. The money is enough for all his needs. According to Abuvahidov bakery engaged for a long time from our ancestors. And so, to continue the tradition of their fathers, our hero chose this profession, which is necessary and useful.

In Andarak started hay campaign


The village Andarak of Leilek district began works with hay. Tractors are ready to work.  In the past year because of the drought the yield of hay was unimportant and unproductive, so the cattle had hard time in winter. But this year was a lot of rain. Last year 40 people were taken – 45 bales of compressed hay, but this year the quantity was raisin to 100 bales. It is a great joy for livestock because there will be something to give cattle.

Borskoon: The scholarship “Uzakbaev Makish ata” was presented on a last bell of school


In secondary school by E. Kendirbaeva and K.Chylabaeva held last bell. A deputy of the Zhogorku Kenesh (The Supreme Council) Uzakbaev Talent congratulated the graduates, teachers and guests with a holiday and presented them a scholarship “Uzakbaev Makish ata” from his the family budget, which has been awarded for the past 5 years to students from 1 to 11 grades. There was also the nomination “The best of the year” 2014-2015 years.

Volunteers of community multimedia center awarded with honorary diploma


Group volunteers of 8-9-10 grades of school by E. Kendirbaeva of village Borskoon we happy to take honor to be awarded.  Village council has awarded an honorary diploma for their success and unpaid work. There are 8 students in the center.

14 years old Abdurahim sculpts from clay different types of toys


The President presented a special gift to Abdurahim. He received the prize for his talent and hard work. Abdurahim is an excellent student of 7th grade of secondary school named after A.S. Pushkin.

Students of disable school obsess with new skills and profession of seamstress


The director of this institution Zamira Raimzhanova is working at this school for 8 years. She noted that children who study here students with disabilities suffering from various diseases, among them there are some students with low studying abilities.

The first a woman driver in Leninism was Ysabaeva Orozgul


Our heroine Ysabaevoy Orozgul began her career in the former collective farm Leninism in 1975 from the Soviet era. For her hard work, the farm handed the keys of the machine brand Moskvich 412. Thus, she was the first woman on the farm who got a car and started to drive.

Among adolescents ankle bone shooting game has become popular



Since snowmelt in Suusamyr the ankle bone shooting game is becoming  popular. It is an ancient national game of Kyrgyz people. As in the epic “Manas”, the very generous Manas himself played in this interesting, exciting game. It is part of the sporting life of the nomad nation.

Community media will exchange content


In 30 may was held a meeting of members of Community Media Association with grant-manager of Internews Kyrgyzstan Valentina Galich.

Special attention is given to rural youth’s recreation


As says, open the way to young people that the country could develop, the youth organization of the village of Terek -Suu decided to give joy to the villagers. 1 ha 35 km2 of land in the eastern part of the rural district was given to Youth Park. This was told by Chairman of the Committee of Youth Nurbek Myrsyraimov.