Saturday, February 4, 2023

Tasma: School will be provided with fresh water at the expense of the international project


The dining room of high school by Sopiev will be provided with hot and cold water in order to ensure hygiene and cleanliness. This project is funded by UNICEF.

According to school principle Alik Maamytov project at the school are equipped with 8 valves and 2 water heater. In addition, one of the parts of the dining room was renovated. “For our school it is a joyful event because before there were problems with the water. We had to carry water from the street to clean the floor. Now with the new academic year these problems will be solved”, – says the school principle.

The volunteers of community media will be trained on multimedia journalism


There are 4 community radio and 23 community-based multi- media center in Kyrgyzstan. International and local partner organizations regularly conduct educational seminars that aimed at improving the capacity of rural correspondents for full and successful work of radios and multi-media centers.

Roads will be renovated in Andarak


There are repairing works going on in Isfana-Andarak roads.  The work has been started since 10th June. All workers and needed supplies arrived there on same day. The head of the Sumbula village Baimurat Bekmuratov mentions that 2 kilometers road will be fixed in total.

Tash Kumyr : Chynara Dobulbekova modernized the old city library


Chynara Dobulbekova is the director of central library of the city of Tash – Kumyr. She became a director of the library quite recently. Chynara won a contest of 5 applicants for this position.

Kyzyl -Tuu: I like weaving


It has been almost 20 years how Almash Nurzhanovna engaged in weaving. She weaves hats, scarves,gloves , sweaters and clothes for babies. Almash Nurzhanovna is a teacher in secondary school named Mүlkүbat in village of Kyzyl -Tuu of Toktogul district. Weaving is her hobby; she loves to weave, because this activity helps to stimulate the nervous system.

Sewing workshop employs local women in Uch-Korgon


As for the second year Dadahanova Mashkhura manages sewing shop “Mashkhura”. “For the last two years we made a lot of work. We taught young girls to sew qualitatively, released many students. They have mastered the technique of sewing, which is useful to them in their family life and work “- she says.

Roman from Kuu- Maidan turned drying field into a blooming garden.


5 years ago Roman Ashirbekov from Kuu-Maidan rented at the village council 2 hectares of dry land to turn it into a garden. He knew that the desert land and irrigation will be difficult sometimes to green. But as we say the eyes afraid but the hands do, he has planted 800 cherries, 400 apricots, 160 apple, pear and walnut in the garden. The result was positive.

Shakirzhan daily produces and sells 40 liters of apricot juice


Shakirzhan Shakirov is from Uch-Korgon. He sells apricot juice for 15 soms. This juice has therapeutic properties. It is useful for internal organs and heart disease. Preparation of juice has its own special recipe.

Tash Kumyr: Labour migration – History of Zhainash


Zhainash is an energetic, young and beautiful lady. Recently Jainash came back to her motherland to visit with her children and relatives from Moscow. But in few days, on 14th June, she is going to go back to the Moscow as the labor holiday ends.

80 year-old native of the village of Uch- Korgon Mrs. Tapahon copes with field work


Mrs. Tapahon is 80 years old, but despite of her age she helps her only son in wheat and field work. “In the process, I feel cheerful. I worked in the school 42 years old, I am retired now, but I did not stop physical activity. At the moment, we spud the potato along with my son “- shares she.