People are getting ready for winter. The good news is there is a good forecast for the hay harvest in this year in Sumbula. This was facilitated by a rainy climate, which led to a good hay growth. And not only hay, wheat, rye, potatoes pleases the eyes of workers.  Combines ripe mowed hay and people in the meantime engaged in hay for the winter. Large reserves will not allow cattle to starve in the cold season


Dry weather in the past year has brought a lot of trouble for cattle: there were many losses among cattle. But this year just a thought of having better harvest of hay lets residents have relief for rest of the year. So despite the unbearable heat, the harvesting campaign is conducted its work. In this regard prices of hay fell compared with last year. Indeed, in the last year, people almost could not buy hay. On the mountain pasture – djailoo lots of different plants in the summer so people are being kicked livestock until the fall. In the rural district Sumbula most of the land planted with hay and almost all of them are removed.

By Tolonbai uulu  Nurseit


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