Residents of Oogan – Talaa and Karakol have a tough time in the autumn, winter and spring seasons because of lack of bridges.

NurzhamalMamazarova is from Karakol but when she got married and moved to Oogan- Talaa village. She has to go home through Jalal-Abad because of the absence of the bridge and the road leading to the bridge is very dangerous. “It’s been 20 years since I got married and began to live in this village. The bridge was not in a good condition even since my arrival, but now it got from bad to worse. Cars cannot drive and cargo travel across the river. In addition, the road is rough, narrow; if there is careless driving cars can be dropped into the river.


My relatives from the other side rarely come to visit us and we cannot get to them as well. Sometimes we go through the Jalal- Abad, but you need money for travel expenses. We want a new bridge, or at least to be renovated the old one”- says Nurzhamal. wpid-20150705_194644

Local residents say that the new bridge should be modern so that not only people but also vehicles could pass through it. In fact, the bridge is in poor condition. The bridge is swinging in the transition. Boards dilapidated and may break or move at any time. We are horrified to see how people cross through this so-called bridge.

By Sinarida Tursunbaeva