Recently in village Baetova has begun the work of servicing deport of cars. There are two masters do all types of repair. They conduct diagnostics of the car and do full painting. This recognized our correspondent Konokbaeva Aiganysh.

Masters have told, that they working till  2003 as village is located far from the city and people had a hard time to make repair. And now to residents it is pleasant, that repair on the car can make on proximity moreover it saves time. . Basically residents come to them with the request for repair of a running part. But workers can offer all types of repair.


Client of servicing deport station expressed his opinion: “Personally, I am very happy about it. It became very comfortable for residents because they used to go to Bishkek and Naryn for repair. Now no need to go there as we have own service station”.


It says “Labor is feeds man and laziness spoils”. We are sure that workers can a great appreciation from residents.

By Konokbaeva Aiganysh, Muratbekova Nurperi


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