There are 4 community radio and 23 community-based multi- media center in Kyrgyzstan. International and local partner organizations regularly conduct educational seminars that aimed at improving the capacity of rural correspondents for full and successful work of radios and multi-media centers.

From 13 to 24th of July this year on the shores of Lake Issyk -Kul will be held a workshop on multimedia journalism for successful work of volunteers and their activities in the framework of the project ” Development and support of community media ” with the support of Deutsche Welle Akademie. During the training participants will learn: 1. What Multimedia Journalism is2. How to prepare media products3. How to make the material (a combination of photos, video, audio and text)4. Sources of infographics and how to create them5. How to make interesting and readable media product

At the same time on 13 -17 July in Bishkek Training of Trainers will take place , which will hold a certified trainer of Deutsche Welle Akademie Thorsten Karg . Participants will learn new methods of teaching; learn how to work effectively with audience and how to create visual materials. The first training for local trainers was in 2014.

Trained coaches, regularly hold master classes for rural community media reporters in the remote regions of Kyrgyzstan. The teach how to properly and professionally interview, how to reduce installation audio clips, how to edit reports and radio programs, how to prepare and publish their news.

The rural youth appreciates these workshops. Anara Mametova, coordinator of the CMC (community media center) “Sary-Bulun” says that seminars are extremely important for them. “After the master classes I and our volunteers of CMC look at what is happening in absolutely different way. Previously, our concerns, problems and achievements have meant common things for us. We thought that everything is as it should be. The training opened our eyes to all that is happening around. We ask ourselves: Is this problem really is and how to find ways to solve it. And now we can tell everything to the world by writing a message in our blogs. ”

All materials of community media can be read on the website www.kyrgyzmedia.com

Currently Community media of Kyrgyzstan are supported by: DW Akademie, UNESCO , the Friedrich Ebert Foundation ” Kloop Media.


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