The dining room of high school by Sopiev will be provided with hot and cold water in order to ensure hygiene and cleanliness. This project is funded by UNICEF.

According to school principle Alik Maamytov project at the school are equipped with 8 valves and 2 water heater. In addition, one of the parts of the dining room was renovated. “For our school it is a joyful event because before there were problems with the water. We had to carry water from the street to clean the floor. Now with the new academic year these problems will be solved”, – says the school principle.

The director of studies on educational part Kunduz Shaltabaeva notes that children’s health depends on the purity. Clean water, neat school and hygiene will prevent the spread of disease. Geography teacher Saadabaev Oroz, who was directly involved in the drafting, said that the school was included in the pilot project among 13 schools Tupskogo district and won it because of great effort of the school community. “Together with Zhamanakunova Venera we have been trained, also in a framework of the project we organized a special hygienic room. Each class put crane, where students take the opportunity to observe hygiene, “- said Venera.  School cook Botoeva Nazira said that early in the school had no water and they had to fill the barrel. “There are students of 1-4th grades and they drink milk. But to wash the cups we had no hot water, and this, in turn, has created inconvenience for us. I sincerely thank the donors who have funded this project” – she says.  Well, we truly appreciate the donor – UNICEF, which has helped the rural district schools: Aral, Santash and Karasaev.

By Aigerim Kubatbekova


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