There are repairing works going on in Isfana-Andarak roads.  The work has been started since 10th June. All workers and needed supplies arrived there on same day. The head of the Sumbula village Baimurat Bekmuratov mentions that 2 kilometers road will be fixed in total.

“This year according to the republic’s budget 2 kilometers of the roads Isfana-Andarak-Kok-Tash are getting a capital repair”, – said Bekmuratov.

The roads getting repaired by joint-stock company Ak-Tilek of Leilek region.  And the customer of the works is a Ministry of Transport of Kygyz Republic.  The workers of the joint-stock company Ak-Tilek are working conscientiously and efficiently. Residents and drivers are satisfied with their work.  The head of the of Ak-Tilek  Abdurashit Eshpaev says that the works has started on June 10 but it is going to be finish in the beginning of the July. “There are very good conditions will be for drivers. If earlier all drivers had to repair their cars because of the bad roads then now that’s not going to happen.  The length of the roads is 2 kilometers and the width is 6 meters.  There are currently working 5 workers and 7 trucks”,- says Eshpaev.

By Kambar Asan uulu


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