As for the second year Dadahanova Mashkhura manages sewing shop “Mashkhura”. “For the last two years we made a lot of work. We taught young girls to sew qualitatively, released many students. They have mastered the technique of sewing, which is useful to them in their family life and work “- she says.


According to the opinions of villagers girls who work there quite successfully mastered this craft. They sew beautiful, comfortable and fashionable dress that sell at reasonable prize. And at a bargain price customers can order wedding dresses.


Nafisa Makhmudova works in this shop. She says that the workshop benefit all because girls and women can enjoy a dress to their liking. They can look at the fashion magazines for women, and select their favorite dresses with style they prefer.  Opening the workshop provided the work of 10 women that much important for the rural region.

By Sabyr u Shumkarbek


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