5 years ago Roman Ashirbekov from Kuu-Maidan rented at the village council 2 hectares of dry land to turn it into a garden. He knew that the desert land and irrigation will be difficult sometimes to green. But as we say the eyes afraid but the hands do, he has planted 800 cherries, 400 apricots, 160 apple, pear and walnut in the garden. The result was positive.


The whole family took care for plants and worked tirelessly. As a result, all plants were grown, flourished and gradually began to give the crop. “For soil pests is necessary to use chemicals, organized constant watering and spud trees” – says our gardener.


A lot of work was given to invest laborer that garden has blossomed and bore fruit . This is hard work. And he did once again prove that it is possible without leaving the country earn money and feed a whole family.

By Kursantbek kyzy Aimonchok


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