It has been almost 20 years how Almash Nurzhanovna engaged in weaving. She weaves hats, scarves,gloves , sweaters and clothes for babies. Almash Nurzhanovna is a teacher in secondary school named Mүlkүbat in village of Kyzyl -Tuu of Toktogul district. Weaving is her hobby; she loves to weave, because this activity helps to stimulate the nervous system.


She has begun weaving since 1986 as her sister taught her. In some circumstances she stopped weaving. But soon realized that shouldn’t have done that. Since that time she has been always weaving no matter what.

Another reason is a lot of important profits from production can be found, given the economic opportunities of the village, the prices are quite reasonable.    People say – labor feeds and laziness spoils. And this is a vivid example for young people, when a person through his hard work each day spent in favor for you and for others.





By Janybek kyzy Agach , Aidan Batyrbekova


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