Zhainash is an energetic, young and beautiful lady. Recently Jainash came back to her motherland to visit with her children and relatives from Moscow. But in few days, on 14th June, she is going to go back to the Moscow as the labor holiday ends.

Zhaynash was born in Kyzyl-Jar -12 of Tash Kumyr. As she is from farmer family, from an early age Zhainash was accustomed to work and was taught to be hardworking person. And of course this quality has played an important role in her life. After high school she went to Institute of Technology Faculty of Philology to in Tash- Kumyr. Unfortunately she was not able to study there as she got married.

After marriage Zhaynash had two children, a son Syrgak who is soon going to school, and daughter – Saikal. Then she had to forget about studying further. It was necessary to educate and raise children as well as to arrange the family.

Zhainash‘s husband is a handyman. His mother was a builder, and that she taught her sons the construction business. At first, his salary was enough to support a family but after the birth of children it has become more difficult. Later, in the summer of 2012, under the invitation of friends her husband went to Moscow to work on construction.  Zhainash stayed home with the children and lived on the money which her husband has been sending.

Zhainash decided to work in Moscow in winter 2013. “My husband asked me as a cook for their construction crews,” – she said. But time has shown that the money that paid the team was not enough. Zhainash had to look for a job with a higher salary. Her friends have offered a job in a grocery store as merchandiser in the dairy department, with a salary of 24 thousand rubles per month in addition without weekend. Her work used to start from 10 am and end at midnight.

At the beginning Zhainash had some difficulties on her work. The management did not inform her that it is necessary to track shelf life of products on a counter and for that they kept all her salary for whole month.  The second difficulty was the language barrier as Zhainash’s Russian was not good enough. In addition, this work was physically hard. Therefore Zhainash had to find another easier job. And she got a job in a clothing store with a salary 1200 rubles per day. After some time, the tenant raised the price of the rending the room and the store was closed. As Zhainash does very responsible approach to the work, the store manager invited her to work with her in another sporting goods store where Zhainash works to this day.

Zhainash’s husband does not want to let her go to Moscow anymore. He says that the money he earns is enough so far. But Zhainash finds important to come back as money is needed and the husband’s salary seems not enough.  “Children are growing, the apartment requires major overhaul. Who will give us of money?”-says Zhainash. It is not easy to find a sustainable job with good salary in Tash Kumyr.  “I am like all Kyrgyz citizens working in Russia want to avoid red tape at registration, so as not to humiliate human dignity of migrant workers,” – adds Zhainash.

Zhainash advises to learn Russian to young girls who are going to go to work there.  She believes that it is always useful. And the one, who gets a job, needs to be sociable and tolerant as to the colleagues and to customers. If there is something is not clear, better to ask the experienced staff or the manager.

Zhainash mentions that in the life of every young person, whether this young man or woman, there comes a time of facing a difficult choice – a choice of profession. After receiving the certificate of ORT someone goes to universities, someone to college, while others seek to work with relatively good salaries to successfully settle into this complex world. Many young people are leaving in search of work in neighboring countries. It can be very difficult, but Zhainash wish everyone good luck in their endeavors.

 By Ergeshaly kyzy Erkaiym


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