The village Andarak of Leilek district began works with hay. Tractors are ready to work.  In the past year because of the drought the yield of hay was unimportant and unproductive, so the cattle had hard time in winter. But this year was a lot of rain. Last year 40 people were taken – 45 bales of compressed hay, but this year the quantity was raisin to 100 bales. It is a great joy for livestock because there will be something to give cattle.


Tractor driver Jalilov Nuridin works in all, the main thing that the technique does not disappoint him. He has three tractors, which are in good condition. 10 years he works for the good of the land and the people. Next 2-3 months, from August to September will be time wheat.

By Amantur Ganiev


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