A local resident of the village of Uch – Korgon village Kadamjay district Mahamadali Abuvahidov bakes bread already for 15-20 years, He says that from an early age engaged in this business and that he really likes it. The money is enough for all his needs. According to Abuvahidov bakery engaged for a long time from our ancestors. And so, to continue the tradition of their fathers, our hero chose this profession, which is necessary and useful.


We asked some people around the forehead of the bakery and they said that many villagers with great pleasure buy bread from Mahamadali. Because the bread baked in the bakery is very delicious. Mahamadali probably uses his secret culinary subtleties that give unusual taste for bread. People buy bread for the holidays, celebrations and picnics.

May there always be delicious bread in Mahamadali’s bakery.

By Sabyr uulu Shumkarbek and Baltabaeva Almagul


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