Mrs. Tapahon is 80 years old, but despite of her age she helps her only son in wheat and field work. “In the process, I feel cheerful. I worked in the school 42 years old, I am retired now, but I did not stop physical activity. At the moment, we spud the potato along with my son “- shares she.


Tapahon Abdurazakova looks younger than her years, thanks to the work. It is hard to say that she is 80 years old. Regular movement is life and longevity. Many people often get sick, complain about life. Maybe we should follow the example of these people. If we Work tirelessly is not only will the welfare of our families, but also motherland.

Local leaders of Uch-Korgon care about elderly people during the holidays, helping financially and morally.


Tapahon Abdurazakova became a widow when she was very young and she has grown up and raised her only son. Now she is in the circle of a large family, with the grandchildren happy and of course hard-working.

 By Sabyr u Shumkarbek , Aripov Atabek


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