Group volunteers of 8-9-10 grades of school by E. Kendirbaeva of village Borskoon we happy to take honor to be awarded.  Village council has awarded an honorary diploma for their success and unpaid work. There are 8 students in the center.

The village opened multimedia center, since there was no radio with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Center puts rural news, announcements and advertising to websites, and through radio, mouthpieces and Tweeters transmits to villagers. The volunteers who work for free are future reporters and correspondents. Work done by volunteers, village administration has evaluated and highly awarded work done by volunteers with the honor and praise.The village council has awarded diplomas and cash awards Alybaeva Bermet , Asanova Asel , Kudaibergenova Aidana, Avlasov Erlan for coverage of social development in village Borskoon  of Borskoon FM for the provision of news for the villagers and help the center in its activities.  We wish success to the work of volunteers.

By Erlan Ablasov


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