Our heroine Ysabaevoy Orozgul began her career in the former collective farm Leninism in 1975 from the Soviet era. For her hard work, the farm handed the keys of the machine brand Moskvich 412. Thus, she was the first woman on the farm who got a car and started to drive.20150529_092656

Ysabaeva Orozgul worked in different state institutions such as chief accountant, as well as a lab assistant, manager, head of the kindergarten and a secretary for many years. She was forerunner, competent and respected women who work no worse than men.



Currently, since 2005, she is working in the passport office, and the military in the accounting department of rural district Kenesh, the former farm Leninism. For valorous work she was awarded with medals. She is a favorite mother of her son and grandmother of four grandchildren.

By Absatarov Jenishbek , Bayaman Toichubaev uulu


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