In 30 may was held a meeting of members of Community Media Association with grant-manager of Internews Kyrgyzstan Valentina Galich.

During the meeting she has acquainted members of Association with program Internews on an exchange of content between media of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. There have been presented instructions on work in Google-Drive work for exchanging the content as well as fundamental requirements for stories and reporting.

Community Media Association has expressed interest and joined the exchange content program. The organization currently has access to Google-Drive and by that the opportunity to upload their own radio reports. Thus, radio podcasts members of the Community Media Association will be available for exchange with the media of the three countries of Central Asia. The representation of members of the Association is in more than 20 villages of 7 regions of Kyrgyzstan. They raise and illuminate social problems such as access to education, access to water, access to public and municipal services, development of small and average businesses, the problems of women and young in their radio piece and programs. In addition, members of Community Media Association have become interested in use of a content of other TV-campaigns of Kyrgyzstan as well as Tajikistan’s and Kazakhstan’s.


Members of Community Media Association have the necessary equipment for presentation of socially-meaningful plots of TV-campaigns of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan at themselves in villages. There will be organized the open presentations of such TV-plots and transfers for residents on the basis of communal radio and the multimedia-centers, with use of a video projectors and a notebook, Thus, rural communities can observe the life of their neighbor countries, see what problems or successes they have and  get acquainted with culture and traditions. Discussion after each viewing it is planned to hold. Members of Association are measured to spend such action on a regular basis.


Grant-manager of Internews Kyrgyzstan, Valentina Galich, has acquainted members of Community Media Association with small grants competition for mass-media of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. The basic conditions of participation in competition, formats applications and the budget have been considered. There were provided recommendations on subjects of competition and filling application documents. In completion of a meeting, Valentina Galich has presented sites of Internews Kyrgyzstan and the New Reporter. She has told about their information possibilities — announcements of various competitions for increase of potential, news about novelties and mobile decisions, a possibility of participation in webinars and the information on tools on creation of a creative content.

By Valentina Galich


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