Since snowmelt in Suusamyr the ankle bone shooting game is becoming  popular. It is an ancient national game of Kyrgyz people. As in the epic “Manas”, the very generous Manas himself played in this interesting, exciting game. It is part of the sporting life of the nomad nation.

Currently, this game mainly plays preschool and school age kids. The game has its own rules which require accuracy and discipline. The game consists of several options which have their own names. Adults play ordo. Ordo is another game with ankle bones.  In this game, used small and large ankle bones of rather sheep’s mostly and one or two cow’s bone. They will be put on the ground.  It is necessary to accurately hit with big bone the bones at the center of a large circle which displays several dozen small bones. The team, which will put the circle over bones wins.


Village resident Tashkenbay Abdiev says about game following: “The game played by boys is fundamentally different from the one which we played in our time . They have forgotten the basic rules of the game.

But the boys say they really like this game. One of them says that after homework he immediately goes to play ankle bone shooting game.


We hope that the game will not be forgotten and will popularize among the youth.

 By Churok Kaldarbekova


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