As says, open the way to young people that the country could develop, the youth organization of the village of Terek -Suu decided to give joy to the villagers. 1 ha 35 km2 of land in the eastern part of the rural district was given to Youth Park. This was told by Chairman of the Committee of Youth Nurbek Myrsyraimov.


Youth Terek -Suu village gathered addressed to the government. They were asked to allocate land, which is located in the eastern part of the rural district for the park of youth. On the basis of treatment specialists on land issues identified this piece of land. Now young people of the village gather to clean up this area of weed shield grid. The head of the village administration Zhenaliev Sovetbek gave us great help .He helped us to project to the international organizations.


Aymira Chotoeva pleased for opening of Youth Park.  She hoped that the park will have all conditions for recreation such as various trees, firs, flowers, comfortable benches, swings and roundabouts. Resident of village Terek-Suu Tokon Myrzabekov believes that young people enjoy the park as it is a great place to relax. We want to thank the youth organization for their initiation and useful activities.

By Myrzaiym Kumarbek kyzy , Turdubu Erkinaly kyzy


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