For the first time in the village of Uch- Korgon started working private eye clinic. The owner of the clinic Zhoro Hasanovich said: “We have opened an eye hospital in his home. It is convenient for our villagers. Now they will not have to go to the district hospital. This is our small contribution to the life of the village. I graduated from the Frunze State Medical Institute in 1975. After graduation I began working in the eye department of the city of Kyzyl- Kiya, where I worked until today.


Now Zhoro Hasanovich is retired, but he is not going to sit at home. There will be employed ophthalmic professionals and locals with the opening of the Eye Hospital. May 20 was held the opening of a private hospital. Hospital is bright, clean and equipped with modern medical equipment.


By Guliza Zheenbaeva


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