The farm named “Maksat” in Kara- Shaar village breeds ostriches.  The head of the above-stated farm Zairbek Imanov is the one who decided to run this amazing business of raising ostriches. He dared to work on such a pretty not easy business as well as profitable at the same time.


He shared following with us: “We have seen ostriches on television and got interested on them very much. We brought ostrich’s eggs when we find out that there is a farm in Sokuluk village. We put eggs in the incubators in spring and we wait until they hatch. Of course each business has its difficulties. And in our business we have them. It takes patience, skill and knowledge to make our business go well.  It is challenging to take care of baby ostrich’s growing process as we don’t want any losses. Each day we give a kilogram of wheat, also we add chopped herbs, cabbage and carrots. This year we bought a new incubator from China and now we are learning to operate it”.




Almagul Keneshbekova is a wife of Zairbek. She has mentioned that keeping ostriches it is a profitable business. Ostrich egg weighs 1.5-2 kg. Besides, ostrich feathers for hats which need actors cost 1,000 soms . Itself ostrich is $ 3,500. One egg can only be sated 10-15 kilograms. This deal brings us great pleasure. Kids really like ostriches. Son Aziz wants to expand the business in the future”.

By G.Tilekova, Marat kyzy Salamat


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