The vaccination against measles has started on 12 May in village Kulanak.

“There are 2875 residents live in Kulanak, 914 of them are children aged till 14. At this time, there is detection of measles in some localities.  But in our area haven’t revealed single case of the measles in this year. This is the result of timely vaccination”- said the head physician of group of family doctors of village Kulanak  Sairagul Asanova.

The country held a national vaccination. Children aged from one to 20 years, teachers of schools and colleges, as well as employees of kindergarten were vaccinated. The number of people who got vaccination reached 977. Prior to May 15th were vaccinated 655 people. But school students re not fully vaccinated as 3-4 students in every class being absent during the vaccination. Therefore the percentage of vaccinated people is 70-80%.


Mairam is a nurse who makes vaccination. She reported that vaccines stored in the refrigerator. After opening the vaccine it stores no more than 6-7 hours. After these hours vaccines becomes unusable.  Vaccinates about 0.5 grams per person.


The opinion of the villagers is following: “I am Zhumabaeva Cholpon, a resident of the village Kulanak. We were vaccinated together with my son as physicians invited us. Employees of clinic promptly notify us of vaccination. They faithfully perform their work”.

Every citizen should care about their health and the health of children. It is better to prevent disease that to treat long.

By Perizat Kubanychbekova, Zulaika Mirlan kyzy, Bayaman Baryktabasov
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