Gym, fourth floor and roof of building of professional lyceum #86 of village Kulanak of Naryn province is in disrepair due to rain and snow. According to the principle of the professional lyceum Narynbek Toktogulov, the repair work was done 3 years ago but unfortunately the quality of repair was poor.




This lyceum has been put in operation in 1954. The Asian Development Bank has allocated funds for the overhaul of the lyceum in 2012.  Poor work has had an effect, as water flowed from the roof of the building and the floor was rotten. The principle of lyceum has informed that they are applying for the grant projects and looking for donors for repair the building of lyceum. The new elected, in 2015, principle of the professional lyceum has reported that he is not responsible for the conditions of the building which became unusable before him. We could not contact the former head of the professional lyceum.

By Erkinai Narynbekova


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