Long-awaited opening a soccer field recently took place. This opening was a double holiday for village residents. It is dated for day of the Great Victory and parade was included to the opening ceremony. The pray was made to the fellow countrymen who have fallen on war. The red tape has been cut off by deputies of Zhogorku Kenesh  Erkingul Imankojoeva and Talant Makishov with participation of regional administration, rural council and honorable veterans. And solemn opening of soccer field took place.

The participant of Great Domestic war Akei Kanataev first has stepped the on a soccer field and having struck on a ball, has opened game. We enjoyed the concert program which was organized with disciples of school and local talents.


The head who has constructed a soccer field of firm “Salanditred” Duishen Mambetov has told the following: « The customer of field was rural council of Barskoon, and the contractor was firm “Salanditred “. The field is constructed by compliance with building norms. Each ten years major overhaul will be spent. The estimated cost of field was 3 000 000 soms, 20 % from them is contribution of rural council and the rest has acted in the form of the grant».


The responsible secretary rural council of Barskoon Azimkul Janygulova has told: «3380000 soms was allocated from the stimulating grant for construction soccer field, the personal contribution of rural council is 20% and from fund of progress 10%. Veterans of soccer and new commands have played against each other and have shown interesting game. Various actions and soccer games will be spent in the future. The field will be under supervision of rural council which will allocate money resources for carrying out of operating repair and gardening. Except for it from the budget will be allocated additional means ».


Prizes and costly presents have been handed over to young soccer players and soccer veterans from neighbor villages after the concert program.



Anarkul Berdimatova has shared following: « Today is holiday in Barskoon, thus a double holiday. Rural council opens the mini-soccer field dated for the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory. There have arrived people from neighbor villages and all of them have a nice mood. For a long time there was no such holiday, people with interest watched a game. The concert has passed perfectly, dancers of group “Ademi” with their supervisor Munarkul Ismailov have especially distinguished. Special thanks to heads of rural council for organizing such warm holiday».


All activities taken in village Barskoon do a great improvement. It makes residents happy and gives vivacity of spirit.

By Aidai Kudaibergenova, Erlan Ablasov


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