The 2-month’s action to garden an environment has passed in village Baetova. There have been brought young seedlings of pines and trees. Workers of the device of rural district have planted pine seedlings in houses of veterans of war and people of rear.

“These pines are brought on the basis of the project of protection of ecology”, – mentioned head of village Turusbekov Talant


Planting of pines have begun in the house of the veteran of war Baibachaev Kubataly. Young children have planted pine and have watered them. They have received blessing of the veteran.

“Thank you very much, I truly appreciate it. Live long and have a good day. Be happy”, – has told Baibachaev.


During Great Domestic war Mrs. Narynkul studied in 3rd grade. Here is how it recalls it: “There have left only old men, children and women in village. All rural works has laid down on their shoulders. And then there has come famine. If at the front soldiers perished on a floor of battles here people died because of famine. In 1941 the heavy snow has dropped out. The snow has dropped out early and wheat all has remained under a snow. We used to get a bucket of barley, and this barley should suffice for the whole month”.


Mrs. Narynkul has wished wishes for day of Great Victory: « Let never will be such war. Let there will be a peace”.

Yes, war is tragedy of mankind. It is loss of close and whole people. Our objective should be conservation of the peace.

By B. Mamytbekova


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