The local businessman of village Terek-Suu Taalai Turdaliev lets out flour-based food in his mini-shop “Alina”.  “Alina” has been providing 2 villages, such as Terek-Suu and Chon –Aryk, 5 rural schools with flour-based food almost for 9 year. And in fact people respect such people.

The technologist of mini-shop “Alina” has told about activities of the enterprise.


“We have begun private business in September, 2006. We make flour-based food such as: fruitcakes, rolls, dry biscuits and other foodstuffs. As well as we provide with work 4-5 people within 6 years, our production provides 7 rural schools with foodstuffs”.


We have addressed to school cook Tamara Nazarkulova to learn about quality of rolls.

“We get rolls from mini-shop “Alina” which has a certificate and last check in appropriating bodies act. Every day we change a diet and we update the menu. We have a sanitary book, as well as we pass medical examination every 6 months. Workers of sanitary epidemic station often come and conduct checks “.


Nurbolot  Zholdoshbek uulu is 4th grade student. He likes “Alina’s” rolls, fruitcakes, dry biscuits, milk and tea. Nurbolot always prefers to get their baked goods.


We are grateful to mini-shop “Alina” for maintaining of children with qualitative bakery production and we wish the further successes.

By Aichurok Nurek kyzy, Adina Baisalbekova


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