Talented family of Altynbek Munduzbaev lives in Baetov village. They have begun a family business by making bows.

This Family began to distribute bows with advantage not only on area of Ak-Talaa but also on many areas of Kyrgyzstan. Moreover Altynbek’s family grows up flowers which give people pleasure.


Member of family Burulsun Asanbaeva has begun the activity with a small enterprise and now supervises it. Burulsun has told about the affairs to our correspondent Asel Jakypova: “I am engaged with rows already third year. There was a lot of advantage of this business. We should open the big shop in the future. The obtained profit suffices on all family needs”.


Damira Baltabaeva is the constant client of this family. She buys bows to her daughters only here. She wishes to get bows at Altynbek’s family in the further.

“I am very satisfied with bows. Bows are done by conforming on each certain age. I always buy bows at Burulsun”.


The fruit of labor is very sweet. It gives satisfaction and brings inner pleasure. We believe Altynbek’s family will develop their business further and will achieve a lot if successes.

By Asel Kalyinur kyzy, Asel Jakypova 


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