Association «Respectful woman with headdress Ak elechek ” was created in 2011. This association consist of 15 women. The main objective is to strengthen elderly women and give impetus to the spiritual world.


The head of association, Alymkulova Moorkan noted that women gather behind a friendly table each month. They pleasantly talk, prepare for different entertainments, sing, and recall customs. All it infects them with energy and optimism.

“We organized a song festival, where in kurzhun, (special national bag) we put tea, refined sugar, sweets and three different scarf. This kurzhun passes from one village to another. There is cheerful song festivals organizes as well as talk of cognitive character.


The concert program includes stories of young people about the customs of the Kyrgyz people, good manner teaching sessions and educational conversations about life. Kurzhun began its journey from the village Komsomol, and then visited the six villages of the district. Residents of the village of Ak-Tenir organized concert and have passed the baton to the Torken village”, – shares Alymkulova Moorkan.

Within 4 years, association “Ak elechek” has stayed for a while in a complex “Манас Ордо” cities of Talas and in resorts that situated in Zhalal-Abad. Soon they are going to the sacred mountain Sulaiman in the city of Osh. They actively prepare for a five years anniversary celebration. The holiday of soul and a song has extension. Let us wish successes to our dear women in their kind affairs.

By Bektur kyzy Burulai


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