Considerable possibilities to participate in sessions such as chess, checkers, tennis, a vocal, dance and national intellectual game Тoguz Korgol  was opened for youth of rural area Kok-Irim. Zalkar Isakov, the head of project, the chapter of the House of culture of village Aral was glad to share about it. He mentioned that college of progress of policy provided the money for project. For realization of this project, the building of the House of culture of village Aral allocated. Repair has begun in the rooms where the activities will hold. « Huge possibilities on carrying out of various actions will be opened with opening and functioning of circles of youth and teenagers of Villages Aral and Birdik. Spending the free time appropriately will prevent involving youth, mostly teenagers, in illegal actions and offences», – has shared project head Zalkar Isakov.

Financing and the technical assistance has been rendered by the government of Switzerland and the Ministry of the International Progress of the Great Britain. There were no special circles and additional lessons in village Kok-Irim before. Now they are very grateful to the international donors. They believe that the project will reach the objective and will have extension. There are two high schools and one kindergarten work in rural district.

 By Cholpon Matieva


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