The training for students on subject matter “Rendering of the first urgent help in emergencies” organized by means of “The Red half-moon” in Kulanak village. Nargiza Toktonbaeva, couch on emergencies of “The Red half-moon” supervised a seminar in Naryn city.


“The seminar training is based on the special project is financed by DIPEKA-8 Switzerland and European Union. The simplification, the prevention and the analysis on emergencies are the objectives of the project. Jalal-Abad and Naryn areas have entered into the project. We have chosen six villages in Naryn. From them three villages are from area Kochkor, three from Kulanak, Kara-Chiy and Ак-Talaa. Villages above-stated formed a group of volunteers from 15 people and chose their leaders. We have organized before special lessons with participation of volunteers and teachers in the city of Naryn and villages. The generated commands will render first aid in cases of earthquake and flooding”, – says Nargiza Toktonbaeva.

It is necessary to note that under the request of residents the seminar passes two-three days as the seminar is being interesting and useful.

At this time, seminar is holding in high schools. The first school was a school named after A. Aralbaeva of Kulanak village .Students of 8-10 grades took part. During the lessons, we lectured 10-minute lectures for students, then were practical training in first aid, “- noted Toktonbaeva Nargiza.

Participants did not have age restrictions. As a result, competitions will pass between school commands. Winners will receive awards and surprises waiting for them. Such projects are very useful to local population.

By Aizat Tumonbaeva


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