Adilet Amanbek uulu is the students of the 9th grade in Toktoyan.  Adilet is still young but the age is not a barrier for him to do his job. He is able to repair the motors of the machines as well as others technologies.

“I can repair any kind of things. My first work started from reaping the light of my bicycle. Then I helped my neighbors with their DVD. Later I made the toy helicopter for my brother”, – shared Adilet.


I would like to be a motorist in the future because I really enjoy fixing injector system. I have learned this from others by looking the process of repairing. I have fixed the generator, light, carburetor, starter of my car”,- says Adilet Amanbek uulu.


“I am dreaming to make rocket and airplane. But I am looking for the motor right now.  I did once time but it was not able to fly. I am trying to make new one but with willing to make my airplane fly. It very important to have good skills for creating to new technology”, – told us young mechanic.

We hope that Adilet will continue his hobby. As he will move forward to his dream he will achieve a lot of success and come up with new technology.   We believe Adilet’s dream will come true.

By Adina Osmonova


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