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Shohruh mentions that despite of the cold weather and long lasted winter the harvest be good in this year. Shohruh Mamazhanov is the resident of the Uch-Korgon village. He has been engaging gardening and agriculture for many years. Sweet cherry grows up in garden and Shohruh knows all subtleties of gardening business.


“I engaged in gardening since long time.  Recently dropped out snow has not put any harm to a sweet cherry as we have prematurely processed gardens with chemicals. Frosts have damaged to nuts and an apricot. Harvest might be weak in this year. But the apple-tree, a peach, date have not injured”.


“Every year we reaped a rich crop on an apricot, sweet cherries, a nut and sold under the good price. But in it to year our hopes have failed because of frosts. All hope for a sweet cherry.   Residents receive up to 100 thousand soms on the average of profit on gardening. Who has  good and big garden the profit can reach  from 400 up to 500 thousand soms in a year

By Aripov Atabek, Guliza Zheenbaeva





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