Today the game Ulak tartysh has been lead in East part of Koshbulak where was born Ishak Razakov. Ulak tartysh is a combination of polo and rugby. These games were organized to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory over city dwellers Suluktu.

“9 racers, 9 malt liquors of coal have made prize-winning fund of games, as well as additional prizes for a total sum of 270 thousand soms. 30 thousand soms it has been allocated on carrying out of action, for prizes of 10 thousand soms and one malt liquor of coal. Such greater game in our area is spent for the first time”,- has told  chairman of organizational group, director of mine « NUR «, the deserved worker of the industry of the Kyrgyz Republic, the deputy City Council Abdynazarov Rahman Ermatovich.

On a photo from left to right: R.Abdynazarov, B.Tashev

« the Most useful and important side of Ulak tartysh even is  strengthening of the international friendship. The certificate to that was an example of delegation from adjacent Tajikistan on behalf of B.Gafurova’s regional heads, Dzh. Rasulova. The delegation has brought the contribution to holiday actions. Have been solved some problems, concerning two countries behind a friendly table. I have brought in game 10 thousand soms, one malt liquor of coal and many other prizes. I am like this game very much », – has told director of mine « Kyzyl-Bulak «, deputy Karabaev Ismanali Dzhumabaevich.

On photo Ismanali Karabaev.

« Game took place dramatically. The main thing was that it has passed all silently, peacefully and without infringements of the law and order. We are planning to develop such national games, to build athletic fields, to organize the international tournaments which assists progress of mutual understanding and good neighborhood », – has shared impressions head of Leylek area  Tileberdi Aripov. As spectators of games have admitted, action has delivered to them weight of positive emotions.

On photo: guests and T. Aripov in the middle

By Anvarbek Tuhtarov


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