In district of village Ulahol the multimedia center of assembly and propagation of local news has started its work.

The Development Policy Institute has supported and has assisted this center. The coordinator of the center «Ulahol FM» Meder Beisheev has told to our correspondent Erkajym Asankanova about work of the center. «The idea of creation has been thought for a long time. We have decided to give the proper and precise information to the population about activity of the government which reproach with corruption and inactivity».

The project « the Voice of people and the responsibility of institutions of local government: budgetary process» has been financed by the Swiss government together with the Ministry of the International Progress of the Great Britain.

The center with Association Community Mass Media has organized training on April, 3-5rd. On objective of training has informed media couch Aizada Kalkambetova.

« Prime objective of training is preparation of correspondents to training to installation, technics of interview, loading in the Internet of local news and to give the indication to the coordinator about management ».


Asylbek Bayaliev wishes to become the correspondent of the center. He takes a great interest in journalism.

«I wish to become in the future the journalist. I am interested in installation and news », – he has told.


We believe that the multimedia center «UlaholFM» will bring the big contribution to progress of village.

By Ekrkayim Asankanova and Gulbarchyn Tilekova



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