This event was organized by initiation of leadership group “The center of youth development”. Leaders of non-profit organizations from 23 regions from Batken, Osh and Jalal-Abad took part in this event with the help of Ministry of Labor, Migration and international organization UNICEF.

Suyunov Meder is one of the active participants. He has shared following:

“This event aimed objectives such as help to disable people, nursing home and orphanages in Osh city. In market “Kelechek” in Osh was organized a concert during the event. Also was put the boxes as people could also contribute by putting money in them”.




Event « Favor from eyes and the help from heart »was successful and went in a good level. 23 youth centers were participated in these charity event As a result 15309 soms in cash was collected. Also clothes, boots and other things for 23270 soms. Total amount of money was 38579. All money assistance was transferred to the disable people, orphanage and nursing home. The event was held on 28th March of this year.

By Aripov Atabek



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