Financing the program « The Green project » on protection of ecology to the duly phenomenon of shifts of an earth’s crust has begun. This program is financed with the project of Progress of Kyrgyzstan in assistance of the United Nations.

The author of the project head of Koshbulak regional board Bakytbek Saparkulov: « In 8 hectares of the ground which bears danger of shift, seeds of almonds and pistachios, as well as grasses resistant to droughts will be planted. And then there the prickly protection will be erected. 6 hectares of the ground will be in the city of Suljuktu, 2 hectares of the ground in Koshbulak. Uniqueness of the project is that it useful to ecology. Not only the agrarian bark will be kept, but also the crop of almonds and pistachios will give the additional income. According to the project needy and jobless cities and villages will be provided by temporary work. In the project there is a personal contribution as pertinently to the budget deficiency is observed. The help the deputy of city council director ОСО has offered Kyzyl-Bulak Karabaev Ismanali Zhumabaevich. It except for it helps needy families of Leilek area. Sometimes his annual help reaches up to 4 million catfishes. The project has begun in the city of Suljuktu, but because of weather variations yet it is not possible to capture area of Koshbulak » – says Bakytbek Erkinovich.

By Gulmira Sadriddin kyzy
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