The disease echinococcosis infects through cattle, and the basic employment of residents of villages of Kyrgyzstan is the animal industries. Therefore the rising generation falls ill with this illness specifically through animals. The medical sister medical assistant  of village Toktoyan Orozbanov Lena has told about danger, symptoms, infections and what it is necessary to comply with rules to be saved from this artful illness.


« Person’s interior that is ill with echinococcosis develops larvae which allocate toxic substances. These substances render negative actions to an organism which the result is an expansion of bodies. Symptoms of illness: the patient one step at a time weakens, often gets tired, and loses appetite. There is a nausea, vomiting, the patient loses weight; the sore point swells up and starts to hurt. Blisters reach the size of a head of the small child. From first signs of illness it is necessary to address promptly to the doctor. Early treatment assists fast recover. Difficulty is that treatment happens only by operational method », – speaks Orozbanova Lena.

Six year girl Nazima, infected with echinococcosis, has cured in Bishkek.


« In beginning Nazima complained of pains in a stomach, we haven’t paid attention to it, we have thought, that simply hurt a stomach. But then pains have amplified, it was necessary to go in Tup regional hospital. There they have sent in the city of Karakol. In Karakol have diagnosed echinococcosis and cyst, after have directed to Bishkek. In city for 23 thousand soms has passed treatment. In second month the grand daughter has come back home healthy. For the time being Nazima feels well », – told her grandmother.

By Kalygul Maksat uulu, Guljan Nurkasym kyzy


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