In a direction of international cooperation JICA, has arrived to the Tasma village in 2012 the Japanese May Sasakiy She has worked in village Tasma, on the basis of the biennial contract in soap industrial enterprise. But in 8 months she has returned to Kyrgyzstan.


« I was a volunteer for Two years, I helped people. For these years I have got acquainted with culture and a life of Kyrgyzstan. The local life differs from the Japanese life.  People in Japan always hasten,  a rhythm of a life high-speeded. But local residents live the quiet rural life. The process the ground, grow up a potato, sow wheat, bring up children, to itself build houses », – says May Sasakiy.

– Why do you decided to arrive here after termination of contract?

– I missed my friends, familiar people to me, mountains and in general the nature of Kyrgyzstan. I liked the kyrgyz kitchen.

– What did you like most in Kyrgyzstan?

– I really liked people in Kyrgyzstan. I am pleasant with local kitchen as it’s very tasty and environmentally clean. In particular the nature: the mountains and living there animals.

– What have you surprised?

– In comparison with the Japanese families in the Kirghiz families enough greater including grandfathers and grandmothers, relatives. The main thing is that all of them are friendly so much. A lot of people live alone in my country. In Kyrgyzstan families live by a principle to live together with parents. They constantly go on a visit each other. And I consider it is good tradition. After seen all that I wanted to live in having many children, amicable family which in an old age will not leave you lonely.


About her diligence has told a member of family, where May Sasakiy lived.

« May Sasakiy has lived in our family two years within an agreement. She became to us as the daughter. May has learned the kyrgyz language, has got acquainted with customs, with culture. She has introduced us with the Japanese culture as well. May is very hardworking, diligent and susceptible. The things she all did, gave us pleasure and also sufficiency. She has missed us very much so that’s why she came back after 8 month for the week rest. We were very glad for that because we too have got used to it. »,-has told Anarkul Esenbaeva.

We hope, that Kyrgyz-Japanese friendship and relationship will become stronger and in the future.

By Aigerim Kubatbekova


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