The results of the « Intellectuals of the twenty first century » competition was summed up which organized by republican nonproduction academy « Gold Unit »  Admitting to competition participants have brought with them breadboard models and projects on scientific and technical researches and invention. A student of high school by A.Sopieva, Chyntursun Turdumatov has taken part in this competition. He has invented the customs indicator which reveals harmful connections and superfluous “sweet” impurity.


He has shared about his invention.

I got into oblast competition from regional round. I am proud of myself so much.   The reason for my invention was event which has occurred to me when I was in 6th grade. Then I was in hospital. There I have seen the little girl, which had an Illness of urine of emission. It has appeared that the reason for illness is poor-quality of Chinese products. After that case I have decided to invent the indicator supervising quality of products with harmful impurity.

Chyntursun’s teacher Kunduz Shaltabaeva has told:

« One of greater problems of republic is weak progress of the industry. Shortage of the highly skilled staff of routinely technological direction causes this process. Our objective is to give a direction to students in studying a science, technics and the invention. There are a lot of students in villages who aspiring to the science.  The nonproduction academy “Gold Unit” helps talented children to show the possibilities through such competitions ».


We believe that inventors of competition by the results and diligence will accelerate process of fast rise of the industry of Kyrgyzstan as a result of which the republic will be included into number of industrialized countries of the world.

By Aigerim Kubatbekova, Chyntursun Turdumatov


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