Meerim Mukaeva

The Inhabitant of Tasma village Meerim Mukaeva despite of the limited possibilities writes poems, reads books of known writers. Except for she takes care of the children.

Meerim’s bride Nurzada Muratova has told the following:

– At her leisure time she looks after children, writes verses, and likes to read.

Meerim’s neighbor aunt Zina speaks about endowments and capacity of Meerim.


We are familiar with her since 1994. She is limited by possibilities since the childhood, but, despite of it she has grown the clever and capable girl. At such people feelings are developed, they perceive the world differently, than usual adequate people, love and appreciate a life. They are an example for others. Meerim has read through two times such greater classical works as “War and peace” by Tolstoy and «The broken sword»by Kasymbekov. She takes a great interest in poetry, therefore sometimes composes verses, simple, but very sincere. She loves children, plenty of time gives them, and all gives herself to the children. She is the person with kind soul and the limited possibilities.

By Aidai Amanturova, Temirbek kyzy Bekzada.


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