Our women work everywhere, they are strong at the same time weak and gentle. It will be a topic about women who sew for themselves and others, giving those beauty and pleasure. Our heroine Isakunova Aida has opened houses, by help of parents, small sewing business which brings the essential income.


Aida’s motto: quality and taste. She is not limiting herself only the seamstress, she grows up cabbage which hands over in shops as well. Sometimes lights are off which makes uncomforting facilities to work. But Aida works and at night-time very hard. Also she arranged in a cosmetic company “AVON”.



« I was capable since the childhood. At school i learned sewing from Djamilya eje. I am able to darn socks, and then I started to sew dresses for girls-dancers. Now I restore clothes, I sew curtains and jackets to my children », – it has told.



It is a lot of among us such women and one of them Elnura Musurkulovaа. Her manual products, sewed clothes have demand in city Almaty that confirms her professionalism. She is the teacher of home economics at school. She teaches children to this craft and in it takes pleasure.

Elnura has answered to our questions:

– I became the seamstress, maybe by right of succession; my aunt was the big skilled worker. I have grown beside her and to all have learned owing to her manuals. After the graduating of high school I have applied for # 55 lyceum, where I have studied for 10 month courses. After successful graduation, I started to work in Bishkek. There I was able to gain a lot of experiences.



We wish both our women success in carrier and in personal life as well.

 By Amanbek kyzy Saadat, Aidai Kudaibergenova


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