According to the decree of President Almazbek Atambayev on the strengthening of the national economy, coal mining enterprise Kyzyl-Bulak Suluktu city manager, who is J. Karasaev beginning of autumn event. “We have decided in accordance with the presidential decree on the development of our work in the region. To do this, employees of engineering and technological personnel every week decided to spend cleaning works, moreover tidy interior roads by paving gas sand mixture. The drivers also joined the work. For landscaping the surrounding area we have given the order for seedlings for Leilek Forestry. We will start to plant seedlings from early spring, every Saturday we will water them”-shared Ismanali Dzhumabaevich  is deputy of Suluktu city council


“In recent the snow in Suluktu has melted. Prior to this, on the road doing repairing, we treated Technical salt. This is also important”- he said.  If such an initiative would be all over the region, the state will go on the path to sustainable development.


“By planting seedlings, the person shall benefit the family, the state, the environment and future generations, respectively,” – says Bakyt  Saparkulov head of the village of Kosh-Bulak.

By Musuratilla Iskanov


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