The Community Mass Media Assiciation and public foundation            «Kloop Media» with financing support Deutshe Welle Academy  together has held a seminar on work on mobile appendices for volunteers of community mass media in the city of Osh on March 7th and 8th in 2015. In a seminar for participants have been shown 7 mobile appendices offered for loading smartphones. For example, to write about rural news, we should learn to load mobile appendix WordPress. By means of this appendix volunteers of the multimedia center can photograph incidents on seat. Moreover by written the text, they will be able to load in rural a web-page through the mobile Internet.


Participants of a seminar have learned by means of the mobile appendix how to edit pictures in the necessary format, how to do video installation and how to use a sound recording.


By Absatarov Zhenishbek


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