In a photo local residents meet with militcia.

In the city of Suluktu there was a conflict between local residents and a society to limited liability of “Koal of groups”. The Outstanding issue is eleven hectares of the ground, being in the center of settlement Kosh-Bulak. The above-stated agrarian fraction has been given, mayor’s office to 87 families for construction houses. During the time at OsOO “Koal of groups” there was a license for 11 hectares for a coal mining. To solve this question the organization has addressed in court. The court has decided 7 hectares to give the organizations, 4 hectares to local residents, but are not happy with this decision of court, local residents have addressed in the Supreme Court and further to the president with the request to check this question.

 We have addressed to the lawyer of mayor’s office, therefore to the outstanding issue. «The requirement of people proper, but also to provocations is not present to a course; all should be solved lawful methods. An occasion of licensing was the letter from mayor’s office. The license should protrude not from permit of the letter of mayor’s office of the city of Suluktu, and the regulation of the agrarian commission. This problem has occurred because of technical mistakes of mayor’s office. For the time being we too address in court to correct a mistake » – has told the leading expert lawyer U.Osmonova.
To solve a problem lawful by in community multimedia center Suluktu behind the methodical help have addressed, the chapter of village, Аijigitov and on behalf of S.Dzhuraev’s local residents » – has told D.Iskanov.
We shall be and to inform a society in the further until the problem will not be solved yet.

By B.Yusupova


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