In Uch-Korgon multimedia center brought new hardware. This center provides quality service for the older and younger generations of the village of Uch-Korgon. If before the media center was doing the news, now it scheduled to open courses of Russian, Turkic, and Korean languages. Uch-Korgon media center turned into a house of great opportunities.



On the part of agricultural management were given tables, chairs and other accessories. Samidinova Feruza was very active coordinator of a youth center Batken region and was the inspiration for the youth.


The villagers are delighted to open in the centermultimedia language courses in Uch-Korgon , because now there is a possibility of knowledge of foreign languages ​​directly near the house. Student of 10th grade of high school named after Pushkin Mahlio Hakima says:”The villagers welcome this event, especially it being liked by young”.

By Aripov Atabek



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