In the intellectual game ‘Club of experts’ were participated five secondary schools of Kenesh village council. This team “Arbyn” from high school Arbyn, “Shankol” from high school Shankol,”Dari suu” from high School Dari Suu, team “Nyshanov” from high school  Nyshanov and team “Akchabuu” from high school Akchabuu.


These teams competed with each other. Out of the 40 questions were answered 19. As a result, in the second round was the team Shankol with 9 correct answers and Arbyn with 5 correct answers, and Nyshanov answered for 4 questions. A team Zharysuu and Akchabuu by answering one question, do not fall for the second round. In the second round, 1st place went to the team Nyshanov, 2nd place team Shankol. These teams were given the right to participate in the intellectual games between the experts of the village administration. A 3rd place went to the team Arbyn. This intellectual game organized villager Shalkoo Mr. Isi. Questions to the game were prepared by students in Osh. In the game took a part a DJ radio ‘EL FM’ Jumabek Akbar.


He asked interesting questions for fans and viewers. Those who gave correct answers; he handed over the prizes and gifts from the radio from ‘EL FM’.

By Bayaman Toichubai uulu


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