In an elderly home care in the village of Bakay – Ata, Talas oblast Taalaibek Ibraimovis doing artisanal craft. Locals also use the services of master and give the necessary orders for the manufacture of household items. It has been 9 months since Taalaibek came to the elderly home care. “Thanks to our director. He gave me a room, here I am doing a craft, and useful and pleasant things for people. I do all the tools for the dining room, sharpen knives axes, also I make gifts to employees. I try to be helpful to people”.


How many years have you been doing it?

I have been doing handicrafts for 18 years. And at home I had a studio, where I worked. But because of disaster I had to come on my own in an elderly home care says Taalaibek Ibraimov.

I will develop this talent, and teach children and youth the craft he said.

By Bakai Saparaliev, Alizhan Kuttubekov


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