In the village of Barskoon every day is growing number of Internet users in connection requirements of society. Institutions, houses of culture, schools and    even in private homes are being installed without Limit Internet, Night Wi-Fi. There is a time when rural youth pays most of their time to the internet. Villagers share opinions and thoughts about an actual topic among rural youth with no limit Internet or Wi Fi.

School teacher Anarkul Ismailova says: “There are positive and negative sides of Wi Fi. But for my work internet is essential, as I take a lot of stuff out there and spend interesting lessons.


During the training process to use the Internet is undesirable because it distracts students from classes”.

Even on the street you will notice how often uses young Wi Fi.


Alia Beknazarova 9th grade student told about the internet with no Limit:”The benefit of this is big. We come to the site; we get the information we need”.The downside is when students go to sites for not getting information, but for playing games.

Gulbarchyn Babasheva is mother of 4 children. All her children are students. The fact that thinks Gulbarchyn Babasheva about the internet, our correspondent learned Bermet Alybaeva.


-What is your opinion about the use of Wi-Fi for your children?

-I support of using the Internet. This is an expansion of horizons and boundless knowledge.

-Is the internet harmful for the studying?

-I would answer Yes and No. But if students use it appropriately then there is no harm.

Hearing such thoughts of villagers, we have seen that in the village of Barskoon really Internet industry is developing, and we hope that young people will use the Internet in the right direction.

By Bermet Alybaeva, Altinay Bakishova


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