Coach of the public association “Erayim” Kushubaev Abdylas informed about the work of the association. By request of the villagers of Bakay-Ata in 2003, public association ‘Arysh’ gave information about support groups. But then women’s associations “Erayim” received 78 project villages in Kyrgyzstan prepared coordinators for Bakay- Ata sat on mutual assistance. Mambetalieva Kelsinbu taught us on this project and created mutual help groups. Today we traveled Bakay-Ata District, yesterday Manas, we have counted there 27 groups.


In the future, we will create a union of mutual support groups. The main purpose of mutual help groups is the development of the rural economy together with governmental and non-governmental organizations to explore and promote the traditions of the Kyrgyz people and to seek solutions to their pressing problems.

Our organization is for the most part engaged in information support and low funding. We came to the village of Bakay-Ata to help residents through mutual assistance to solve their problems and unite in one team. Achakova Saadat told about the work they have done. “I am a leader and a member of the mutual help groups. We conduct our operations since 2006. For these purposes, we accumulated money. With our efforts, we have established on the street where we live, a new transformer. On the street lamps lit the light. We arrange holidays for the children who are not attending kindergartens. And on our street festival is held with the spread of the Kyrgyz customs. We are planning large projects for the future.


This project has been operating since 2006, organized by the women’s NGO “Eray”. After twelve days of training in the village Vorontsovka in Chui we created 9 groups in the village of Bakay-Ata, 7 groups in Pokrovka. Now we consider 27 groups in total. The village Minbulak opened two groups and two in the village of Ak-Dobo and running mutual project. Our goal is to come to unity. In each village 4-5 groups are lobbying the concept of pressing problems through business projects”, – says Mambetalieva Kelsinbu.


By Aiperi Orozalieva


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